Download Existing PDF Files

The N1MM Logger documents are also available as pre-built PDF files for those users for whom it is impossible or too difficult to create PDF files. Note that these pre-built files are refreshed on a monthly schedule, so it is possible that they might not contain the most recent information regarding N1MM Logger

There are two ways to download the pdf files

Download Using the Built-in Tools Menu

As of December 2011, the program' s menu includes >Tools >Download Latest N1MM Logger pdf manual.

  • When invoking this feature, download the full manual, named N1MMLogger.pdf, to the directory containing your N1MM Logger files.
  • To open the manual from the program, select >Help >N1MM Logger manual (user installed *pdf required)

Download Using Your Web Browser

Use your browser to connect to the N1MM Logger website at www.n1mm.com

  • Select >Files and then >Documentation Downloads (PDFs)
  • On the File Gallery page, click on the filename to begin the download.

 Two types of link - one within the Off-Line PDF, the other to the On-Line Website

When you open the PDF file, locate the Adobe Reader left-hand navigation section titled "bookmarks" for the Table of Contents outline. Remember that links in that left-hand navigation panel will move you to the corresponding section within the PDF; clicking on the links within the running text of the PDF pages will launch your browser and open that section of the On-Line Manual.

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