1. Entering Edit Mode

Navigate to the page being edited by selecting >Menu >Wiki >page name. There are two methods for invoking the wiki editor:

1. Pressing the <Edit> button at the bottom of the screen will place the entire page into Edit mode


2. Select the full-page edit or a partial-page edit icon from the right-hand side of the screen


 Editing - Smaller is Better

In most cases you will only want to edit a portion of these large documents at-a-time. Using the edit icon on the right-hand side will make your task easier and more manageable.

The editor toolbar will then appear at the top of the edit window


The wiki editor offers ease-of-use for formatting the wiki text, but it may be easier to manually type the special characters. There are only a handful of expressions used to create the formatting found on this website.

2. On-line Wiki Editor Help

A large blue ? will appear in the upper-right of the editor screen. Scroll through the list for information on many text formatting issues. Highly recommended.

For more information and assistance with the editor and syntax used within TikiWIki, visit the Tikiwiki website.

3. Heading Sizes Used in this Manual

Heading 1, Centered (Chapter)

Heading 2 (Section)

Heading3 (Sub-section)

Heading4 (Sub-sub-section)

Heading5 (Sub-sub-sub-section)
Heading6 (Sub-sub-sub-sub-section)

1. Rich Text Syntax - Bold, Italic, Underline, Bullets, others...

Rich text: Centered, Bold, Italic, Underlined

Centered text

Bold text

Italicized text

Underlined text


 Bullets and Periods

Bullets are not considered sentences, and should not end with a period . The only time periods should be used within Bullets is when you have a long single bullet with multiple statements. Terminate each internal statement with a period, but not the final statement. Bullets always begin with a capital letter.

Numbered bullets

  1. Numbered bullet - 1.0
    1. Numbered bullet - 1.1
    2. Numbered bullet - 1.2
      1. Numbered bullet - 1.2.1
  2. Numbered bullet - 2.0
    1. Numbered bullet - 2.1
    2. Numbered bullet - 2.2
  3. Numbered bullet - 3.0

Dotted Bullets

  • Dotted bullet - 1st indent
    • Dotted bullet - 2nd indent
      • Dotted bullet - 3rd indent

Horizontal dividing line

2. Paragraph Spacing and Formatting

By HTML default, wiki text word-wraps in single-spaced paragraphs. Pressing <Enter> at the end of a line will create a double-space gap between two sentences.

Forcing a < New Line > (Word-Wrap = OFF)

At times you may want adjacent lines to NOT word-wrap.

Like the four lines in this section.

Note that they do not work-wrap. That is because each non-wrapping line ends with a set of three % signs.

See < Source >


If you are logged-in with Author privileges, press < Source > at the bottom of this page to see the special character sequences that create these formats.

3. Visualize Your Changes - Two Browsers, Two Logins

There are several categories of users on the wiki, and each encounters a web view based on privileges. The Anonymous user, the Registered user, the Author, and the Admin all see slightly different screens. Most hams who visit the wiki site will be Anonymous or, at most, Registered users. As an Author, you will find it useful to view the website exactly as typical users see it.

When you (an Author) log in to the wiki, your screen reflects an Author's view, with editing icons and other format changes. Launching another browser window with the same browser (either Internet Explorer or FireFox) only shows you that Author's view. The second instance of a browser will mimic the first and they will both be "logged-in Author" views of the wiki. If you want to simultaneously see the typical user's view and have the Author's privileges, you need to run two different browsers - run one as a logged-in Author; the other as a plain connection. To be a little clearer - if you want that plain connection to display what a Registered user sees, you will need a second login account on the wiki.

 Two Browsers, Two Wiki Accounts

As an Author, you already have an account on the wiki. Your username is probably your callsign, and it has been granted Author privileges by the website admins. For a second account - a plain registered user - we suggest that you register again, this time with the word "user" at the end of your current username. So author K8UT would have a second Registered account K8UTuser. The website admins will see that registration, to a duplicate email address, and understand the purpose of that second account.

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