1.9.2 N1MM Logger Discussion Groups

1. General Information

These groups, with literally thousands of members, are devoted to all aspects of N1MM Logger, from proposed features to questions and reports of bugs. You are virtually assured of a quick answer to questions on almost any subject, though it may help the mood a bit if you first search the archive and check the documentation to see if the issue is covered and readily findable..

  • General group: Messages dealing with general program issues (including specific CW and SSB contests) should be posted to the General Group.
  • Digital group: Messages dealing solely with digital mode issues (including digital contests) should be posted to the Digital Group.

In general, messages should not be cross-posted. This is important, both to get the benefit of the subdivision and to encourage users to subscribe to both. Users are asked please to separate digital and general/non-digital issues into individual messages and post them in the right places — on the receiving side, all e-mail software has tools to sort e-mail into folders by source, so nothing should get lost.

The development team will continue to track both forums and respond on the one that seems appropriate.

So if your interest is primarily digital, for example, you may want to subscribe to the general group in one of the digest formats available. If it is primarily non-digital, then you might do the same thing, in reverse.

tipDigital Operators
Digital operators are well advised to subscribe to the general Yahoo group and the digital Yahoo group, even if not interested in CW or SSB, because general things about the program that affect them (font changes in various windows, for example), are likely to be discussed there rather than in both lists.
General program issuesDigital program issues
(including CW and SSB contests)(including digital contests)
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Everybody can read the messages from the support groups. To send messages you have to join the group. Your first post must be approved by the moderator. This prevents spammers from using the list. There are close to 4000 members on the general list and almost 900 on the digital group.

2. Rules for Posting to the Yahoo Reflector

  1. When you report a problem you should have tried to reproduce it using the latest version. We don't support any but the latest version. Please include:
    1. Program version
    2. Operating system version, bits & memory
    3. CPU speed
    4. Contest name
    5. Radio types (and connection particulars if this is an radio i/f problem). Make sure you indicate whether you are using a usb to serial adapter.
    6. SO1V/SO2V/SO2R
    7. Any port sharing software (LP Bridge, VSPE, etc.). We don't support those but you are welcome to ask the group for advice.
    8. Any error code AND description in the original language and in English if you can translate it.
    9. Mode and method of interfacing to that mode:
      1. CW: LPT/Serial/Winkey?
      2. SSB: Sound card interface
      3. RTTY: interface, RTTY engine(s), AFSK/FSK, etc.
      4. A detailed description of the problem. Don't just say, "Hey I installed the program and I got an error! What's up with that? Anyone else seeing that?" Save everyone some time. Document the situation in your post.
  2. Be proud of your callsign. Put it in every post. If you don't put it in your first post, I won't approve it.
  3. Don't spam. These are groups for discussing the program. People subscribed for that reason. They don't want for sale messages, announcements of your contest, or other off topic posts.
  4. Think about the topic of your post before you post it. Make the subject relate to the specific content of your post. The following are useless subjects:
    • N1MM
    • Hey!
    • A quick question
    • N1MM Logger bug report
  5. Add SOLVED to the title of a post that contains the solution to a problem you posted. PLEASE post the solution. People have put effort into helping you solve your problem. Do them the courtesy of posting the solution. I once sent an HF radio in for repair when I had accidentally turned the squelch and there was no audio. We all do embarrassing things. Fess up if you did something like that and asked for advice.
  6. Read all the posts about a subject before you post a response. If a post already says what you were going to say, avoid saying "me too!". It just clutters up the group with messages.
  7. If you have a post that is a digi problem, post it on the digi group.
  8. If you ask a question, check for answers. It is RUDE to check back 3 days later. Check back within an hour, 8 hours max. NEVER say, "please reply direct, I don't check the group for messages." If you are going to ask 4,000 people to read your post in order to get your problem solved, you owe it to them to have the answers posted on the group. Exception: You can ask for direct responses if you are doing a survey and post the results after compilation.
  9. Join the group before you have a problem. We approve new users several times a day, but sometimes we go on vacation (believe it or not) and only approve once a day.
  10. Post your message at the top of the message thread and include the whole thread. It saves us a lot of time researching problems if you follow this rule.
  11. Above all, remember that you are going before 4,000 people with your posting. Take some time to prepare what you are going to say, rather than just dash off some half-baked post. I'll never forget what Mrs. Peoples, my high school English teacher said about one of my error filled papers, "If you didn't bother to read this, why should I?"... Same thing applies here. If you want help, demonstrate your willingness to do your part of the work.

Tom - N1MM
posted to the reflefctor 2013-02-07

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