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All contests are supported 'both' sides unless specifically mentioned.

Contest Name and Sponsor Website Link Log Type and
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10 Meter RTTY Contest (AA5AU / W0YK, December) 10MRTTY First full weekend of December (rules same as ARRL RTTY Roundup)
ANARTS WW RTTY contest DRCGWWRTTY Defunct - Replaced by DRCG-WW RTTY Long Distance Contest
Anatolian RTTY contest ANATOLRTTY Discontinued contest? Third full weekend in May
ARRL Rookie Roundup RTTY (April, August, December) RRRTTY Third Sunday of August
ARRL RTTY Roundup (January) ARRLRTTY First full weekend of January (not on January 1)
BARTG HF RTTY contest (formerly Spring RTTY Contest, March) BARTGSRTTY Third full weekend in March
BARTG RTTY Sprint contest (January) BARTGRTTYS Fourth full weekend of January
BARTG Sprint75 contest (April, September) BAR75RTTYS 75 baud RTTY. April, September (4 hours each)
CQ World Wide DX - RTTY CQWWRTTY Last full weekend of September (48 hours)
CQ World Wide WPX - RTTY CQWPXRTTY Second full weekend of February
CIS DX RTTY contest CISDXRTTY QPSK63 in 2009/2010. Third full weekend of September
Russian Federation Digital contest RFCDIGI Second weekend of September
Cup of the Russian Federation RTTY RUCUPRTTY For Russians only. Second weekend of September
German DL-DX RTTY contest DLDXRTTY First full weekend of July
Digital Modes Club, DMC RTTY DMCRTTY Third full weekend of July
German DRCG-WW RTTY DRCG-WW RTTY Second full weekend of June
Spanish Radio Union, EA PSK31 contest EAPSK Second full weekend of March
Spanish Radio Union, EA RTTY contest EARTTY First full weekend of April
EPC PSK World Wide DX EPCWWDX PSK63. First weekend in February
EPC PSK63 QSO party EPCPSK63QP PSK63. Third full weekend of November
European PSK DX contest EUPSKDX PSK63. Third full weekend of May
Japan Amateur Radio Telegraphy, WW RTTY contest JARTSWWRTY Third full weekend in October
Mongolian RTTY, JT RTTY DX Contest JTDXRTTY Second full weekend in January
LOTW RTTY contest LOTWRTTY Contest discontinued?
Makrothen RTTY contest MAKRORTTY Second full weekend in October
North American Sprint - RTTY SPRINTRTTY Sunday of second full weekend in March. Sunday of second full weekend in October
North American QSO Parties (NAQP) - RTTY NAQPRTTY Last full weekend in February. Third full weekend in August
Czech Amateur Radio, OK DX RTTY contest OKDXRTTY Third full weekend in December
Quick PSK63 contest SARTGRTTY PSK63. Uses SARTG rules. First Saturday of September
Russian PSK DX Contest RUSDXPSK PSK. Third weekend in February
Russian WW RTTY contest RUSDXRTTY RTTY. First Saturday of September
Scandinavian Amateur Radio, SARTG New Year RTTY SARTGNYRTY January 1st
Scandinavian Amateur Radio, SARTG WW RTTY SARTGRTTY Third weekend in August
Slovenia Contest Club, SCC RTTY Championship SCCRTTY Last full weekend in August
Polish Amateur Radio, SP DX RTTY contest SPDXRTTY 4th full weekend of April
Troy Amateur Radio Association, TARA Grid Dip contest TARAGRID RTTY and PSK. First Saturday of August
Troy Amateur Radio Association, TARA PSK Rumble TARAPSK PSK31. First Saturday of October
Troy Amateur Radio Association, TARA RTTY Melee TARARTTY RTTY. First Saturday of December
Troy Amateur Radio Association, TARA Skirmish TARAPSK Digital. Third Saturday of April
Ukrainian DX RTTY contest UKRAINRTTY First full weekend of November
Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY contest UKRAINDX DX Classic RTTY. Third weekend of June
Ukrainian DX DIGI contest UKRAINDIGI RTTY 75 baud, PSK63. Fourth full weekend of June
Ukrainian Open RTTY Championship UKRTTYOPEN First full weekend of March
Ukrainian RTTY Championship UKRCHRTTY FOR UKRANIAN STATION ONLY. Third weekend of April
United Kingdom DX Contest - RTTY UKDXRTTY Second full weekend of July
Volta RTTY contest VOLTARTTY Second full weekend in May
Worked All Europe, WAEDC RTTY contest WAERTTY Second full weekend in November
World Wide Iron Ham Contest WWIH Last full weekend in December (also SSB and CW)
Mexican Amateur Radio, XE RTTY contest XERTTY First full weekend of February

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