N1MM Logger Bug Report

Website form for notifying the N1MM Logger development team of a problem with the software.
N1MM CLASSIC bugs only. DO NOT place bug reports for N1MM Logger PLUS here.

Your email address in case we need to contact you.
The version of N1MM Logger you are using. Example: v11.01.04 The second number represents the month in which this version was released. (01 = January, 02 = February...). Please do not report problems unless you are running the current version of the program. We do not have the resources to support old versions.
The name of the contest associated with this problem, if applicable. Example: BARTG
The version of Windows in your PC. If you selected ''other'', you are using N1MM Logger on an unsupported version of Windows.
The make and model processor and speed. Example: Intel Pentium 4, 2.7 GHz
The amount of RAM in your PC. Example: 2 GB
The transceiver make and model. Example: Kenwood TS850s
A short summary of the problem. Example: Callsigns not appearing in Bandmap window
Was there a specific error message? Example: Run-time Error 7 - out of memory
Character Count: Max: 2048
If the problem can be reproduced, list the steps necessary to create it. If the problem is not reproducible, or only happens rarely, describe the operating circumstances when the problem occurs. Note that it is very difficult to fix non-reproducible bugs.

Rank the degree of impact on contest operations.
Fatal = contest operation halted
Major = able to operate but score is impacted
Minor = bothersome but a work-around is available
Nuisance = not a serious problem but should be corrected

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

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