Writing Styles Used on this Website

The Authors and Editors of the N1MM Logger Website have developed a set of conventions and tried to use them consistently throughout the website.

Buttons in N1MM dialogue windows that you click with a mouse will be surrounded with greater-than and less-than symbols <>.

  • Press <OK>
  • Press <Run>
  • Press <Wipe>

Sequential Menu choices will look similar to the wiki breadcrumb trail, using the greater-than symbol >.

  • Select >File >Open Log in Database
  • Select >Config >Change CW/SSB/Digital Message Buttons >Change CW Buttons
  • Select >File >Export >Export Function Keys to File >CW Function Keys...

Keyboard Keys will be listed with upper-case first letters and lower remainders. Exception is the two-word keys PgUp and PgDn.

  • Tab, Enter, Space, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Home, End, Delete, PgUp, PgDn

Combination keys will be listed as Shift, Ctrl and Alt, followed by a plus sign + to indicate simultaneous keystrokes.

  • Ctrl+J, Ctrl+Shift+J, Alt+W

Function keys will be listed as an upper case F followed by the key number.

  • F4, Ctrl+F8, Shift+F4

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