N1MM Logger Plus Full Install

 New to N1MM?

Installing N1MM Logger+ for the first time is a two-step process. You must first download and run the Full Install (sometimes also referred to as the Base Install), followed by downloading and running the Latest Update. Each latest update includes significant upgrades, but unless you do the Full Install, subsequent updates will not have all the files they need to operate properly. After performing the Full Install, check the version number of the Latest Update. If that version number is different from the version number of the Full Install, proceed directly to downloading and running the Latest Update installer before using the program.

 Just starting with N1MM+?

We strongly encourage you to join the N1MMLoggerplus Yahoo email reflector. Click here: N1MMLoggerPlus

To Download the Full Install, click: DOWNLOAD FULL INSTALLER.


  • Detailed instructions on running the Full Installer and Update installers and setting up the program for first use can be found here.
  • Do not uninstall/reinstall. Updates are intended to be installed on top of each other
  • Updates are cumulative, so when installing an update, you only need to install the most recent one
  • Do not use the Run option when connected to the website. Save the file to your computer first and then run it as administrator from the PC
  • Note that data files are stored in a different location from the program itself. By default, data files will be in a directory called N1MM Logger+ in your My Documents folder. Make a backup of your My Documents\N1MM Logger+ directory, including sub-directories, on a regular basis. At some point you'll be very glad you did.

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