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All contests are supported 'both' sides unless specifically mentioned.

Contest Name and Contest Sponsor Website Link Log Type &
Setup Link
Croatian CW Contest 9ACW CW only; 3rd full weekend in December
AGCW Happy New Year AGCW Happy New Year
All Asian DX contest CW / SSB ALLASIACW
CW - Third Saturday of June (48 hours)
SSB - First Saturday of September (48 hours)
Asiatic Russia Championship ASRUCHAMP January, 6 hours, 160-40 meters, SSB/CW
ARCI QRP Contests ARCI This contest supports 7 ARCI QRP contests plus several other QRP contests with similar exchanges
Italian Radio International DX Contest ARIDX Per version 4.0.63
ARRL 10 Meter contest ARRL10M
ARRL 160-meter contest ARRL160
ARRL Field Day contest FD See ARRL Field Day Setup instructions.
ARRL International DX contest CW /Phone ARRLDXCW
ARRL November Sweepstakes CW / SSB SSCW
ARRL Rookie Roundup RRSSB
SSB in April, RTTY in August, CW in December
ARRL School Club Roundup ARRL-SCR 5-day events in mid-February and mid-October
Asia-Pacific Sprint Contest CW / SSB
In Spring, Summer, Fall (2 hours)
Lithuation Radio Sports Federation contest BALTIC Every year the next to last weekend in May - one week before WPX CW Contest
Belarus (only) CW/SSB Championship BFRRCW
For Belarus stations only
Black Sea Cup International BSCI First full weekend in February
CNCW Spanish contest CNCW Local Spanish CW contest
CQ-M International DX contest CQM Second weekend of May
CQ World-Wide 160 Meter DX Contest - CW / Phone CQ160CW
CQ World Wide DX contest - CW / SSB CQWWCW
CW - Last full weekend of November (48 hours)
SSB - Last full weekend of October (48 hours)
CQ World Wide WPX contest - CW / Phone CQWPXCW
CQ South America SSB Contest CQSASSB South America. Second full weekend in October
Cup of the Russian Federation - SSB RFCCW
Internal Russian contest in January
Cup of the Russian Federation - CW RFCCW
Internal Russian contest in January - see also RTTY version below
CWops Mini-CWT Test CWOPS Several 1-hour contests each month
CWops CW Open CWOPSOPEN TBD - August 20/21 in 2011, September 1/2 in 2012
German Amateur Radio Club, DARC 10 meter contest DARC10M 2nd full weekend in January
German Amateur Radio Club, DARC Weihnachtswettbewerb - XMAS contest XMAS December 26
European Sprint EUSCW
In April and October, both modes, 4 hours
German Amateur Radio Club, DIG contest - CW / Phone DIGCW
SSB: Second weekend in March
CW: Second weekend in April
Also for short contests in June and October
Elecraft QSO Party EQSO Despite the name, handled as a separate contest
European (only) HF Championship EUHFC EU -to- EU station contacts. First Saturday in August (12:00 - 23:59 UTC)
First Class Operators Club QSO Party FOCBWQP First Class Operators Club (FOC) QSO Party
First Class Operators Club Marathon FOCCW First Class Operators Club (FOC) Marathon. First full weekend in February
Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest, GCUP GCUP April; CW, HF plus satellites
GACW WW South America CW DX contest GACW Second weekend in June. CW only
Hungarian Amateur Radio DX contest HADX 3rd full weekend in January
Helvetia Contest HELVETIA
High Speed CW Contest -HSC CW HSCCW
Holyland contest HOLYLAND
International Amateur Radio Union HF Contest IARU International Amateur Radio Union - The second full weekend of July
International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1 Field Day FDREG1 Varying rules for Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom (SSB and CW), Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland (only CW), Italy, Slovenia (S5) and Russia (UA, UA2, UA9)
RSGB Islands On The Air Contest IOTA
International Naval Contest NAVAL
Japan (only) domestic contest JADOMESTIC Generic support for Japanese domestic contests
Japan International DX Contest JIDXCW
CW: 2nd full weekend of April
PH: 2nd full weekend of November
Sat. 0700 UTC - Sun. 1300 UTC
Mongolian DX Contest JTDX Third weekend in November, CW or SSB (pick one)
King of Spain contest KINGEACW
Logbook Of The World contest LOTWCW
Bulgarian Federation DX contest LZDX The weekend before the last full weekend of November (weekend before CQWW CW)
Bulgarian Federation Open and LZ Sprint contests LZOPEN For all three contests. LZ Open and both sprint contests (40/80 meter)
CQMM DX Contest CQMMDX International contest by CWJF - 3rd full weekend of April
Michigan QRP Contest ARCI This contest supports 4 Michigan QRP contests. Select ARCI contest (same rules)
North American Sprint - CW / SSB SPRINTCW
CW: First Sunday in February
SSB: Sunday of first full weekend in February
CW: Sunday following first Monday in September
SSB: Second Sunday following first Monday in September
NS Sprint and Sprint Ladder, Northern CA Contest Club SPRINTNS
Both contests are weekly, CW only, identical except for dupe rules, which may change on short notice
SPRINTLADD allows same-band dupes after one intervening QSO, while SPRINTNS does not allow same-band dupes.
Minitest CW Test MINITESTCW CW:Almost every Wednesday 1800-1900Z
North American QSO Parties - CW / SSB NAQPCW
CW: Second full weekend in January. First full weekend in August
SSB: Third full weekend in January. Third full weekend in August
Nordic Radio Amateur Union-Baltic contest NRAUCW
2nd full weekend in January
Oceania contest CW / SSB OCEANIACW
SSB: First weekend in October
CW: Second weekend in October
Czech and Slovak Republics DX contest OKOMDX Second full weekend in November
Netherlands - PA-beker CW / SSB contest PABEKERCW
Second full weekend in November
Local Dutch CW and SSB contest
Netherlands - PACC contest PACC First full weekend of February
Portugal Day Contest PORTUGAL Second Saturday of June
Quarter Century Wireless Association - QCWA QSO Party QCWAQSO Despite the name, treated as a separate contest
QSO parties (US and Canada) QSOPARTY See next chapter/section
RAC Canada Day Contest / RAC Canada Winter Contest RAC Both contests have the same rules
Russian Amateur Radio Union - RAEM Contest (E.T.Krenkel contest) RAEM Fourth full weekend of December
French REF DX contest REFCW
CW: last weekend of January
SSB: last weekend of February
Russion Federation (only) RF Championship RFCHAMP For English text select on top "Translate to English"
RSGB 160 Meter CW contests RSGB160CW CW only. In February and November
RSGB 21/28 MHz contest RSGB2128
RSGB 80 Meter Club Championship RSGB80MCC
RSGB Affiliated Societies Contests RSGBAFS-C
RSGB Club Calls contest RSGBCLUB
RSGB Commonwealth Contest RSGBBERU British Commonwealth stations only
RSGB National Field Day, RSGB SSB Field Day FDREG1 According rules for Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom (SSB and CW), Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland (only CW), Slovenia (S5) and Russia (UA, UA2, UA9).
RSGB Low Power Contest RSGBLP
Russian District Award Contest RDAC
Russian Radiosport Team Championship RRTC
Third Saturday in July
Russian YL/OM contest RUSYLOM in Russian
Scandinavian Activity Contest - SAC - CW / SSB SACCW
Scandinavian Activity Contest
Scandinavian YL - SYLRA contest SYLRA
Polish Amateur Radio - SP DX contest SPDX First full weekend of April (15:00-15:00 GMT)
Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge STEWPERRY Last full weekend of December
Bulgaria, Thracian Rose Club - TRC DX Contest TRCDX
Russian UA1DZ Memorial Cup DZCUP For English text select on top "Translate to English"
Belgium Amateur Radio - UBA DX Contest CW/SSB UBACW
SSB: last weekend of January
CW: last weekend of February
Belgium Amateur Radio - UBA ON contest UBAON Last Sunday September: 6 m Phone/CW
First Sunday October: HF - 80 m SSB
Second Sunday October: HF - 80 m CW
Third Sunday October: 2 m Phone/CW
Belgium Amateur Radio - UBA Low Band Winter Contest UBAWINTER 160, 80 and 40 meters
Belgium Amateur Radio - UBA Spring UBASPRING Second Sunday March: HF - 80m CW
Third Sunday March: VHF-6m Phone/CW
Fourth Sunday March: VHF-2m Phone/CW
First Sunday April: HF - 80m SSB
United Kingdom and Ireland -UK / EI DX Contest UKEIDXCW
Ukrainian Championship UKRCHCW
Ukrainian DX contest UKRAINDX First full weekend of November
Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosport - UN DX contest UNDX Open Kazakhstan Championship
Worked All Europe DX Contest, WAEDC-Contest WAECW
The starter for the new Contest season.
Worked All Germany contest WAG October, third full weekend
World Wide Peace Messenger Contest WWPMC 1200UTC Saturday to 1200 UTC Sunday, every second weekend of January
World Radiosport Team Championship WRTC for on-site participants in World Radiosport Team Championship held every 4 years - others use IARU
World Wide Iron Ham Contest WWIH Last full weekend in December (also RTTY)
Romanian Amateur Radio Federation -YO DX HF contest YOHFDX Last weekend in August
Serbia Amateur Radio Union, YU DX Contest YUDX Third full weekend in April
Independence of Venezuela Contest YV First full weekend in July
Norwegian RRL Winter Contest NRRLVINTER March. Rules in Norwegian, as .pdf file

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