The Website Menu

The N1MM Website uses a horizontal drop-down menu as the navigation point for accessing all features of the website. Some menu choices on the website, like >Website >My Tiki, are only visible to users who register and log-in (see Users Guide section on Registering and Log-in)


In addition to the website menu, the Table of Contents Navigation Icons (TOC) become available when looking at the N1MM manuals


  • the TOC Breadcrumb trail moves you backward along your path
  • the Home icon moves you to the first page of the TOC
  • the Arrows move you to the first, next, or previous chapter (or section) in the TOC
  • the TOC Chart icon displays the complete TOC for this document


 Full Screen Mode

You can view website documents in full screen mode by clicking the Full Screen icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. Clicking the icon a second time will return to normal view.
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